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Transport Information

In WA you can use your current licence for three months from the date of entry into the country. After that you will need to apply for an Australian licence. You can now transfer your license to an Australian license without having to do a test - all that is required are new photos, and your current license!

Overseas Driver Licence information can be found at the Department of Transport

Department of Transport overseas Licence holders

Speed Limits and Road Safety

  • School Zones: 40km/h
  • Residential Areas: 50 km/h
  • Some Residential and Commercial Areas: 60 km/h
  • Main highways: 70-80 km/h
  • Freeways/Motorways: 100 km/h
  • Seat belts are compulsory
  • Blood Alcohol Limit: 0.05
  • Provisional and Learner Alcohol Limit : 0
  • Speed Cameras are everywhere

Current Petrol Prices can be found here

Public Transport


Transperth Timetable

Transperth runs five train lines with one spur line. These lines are:

  • Armadale Line, which goes in a south-east direction to Armadale. The Transwa Australind continues along the same track to Bunbury
  • Fremantle Line, which goes in a westerly direction towards Fremantle. Major stations include Subiaco and Claremont.
  • Joondalup Line, which goes in a northern direction, in the middle of the Mitchell Freeway reserve, before moving eastward near Eddystone Avenue through to Joondalup, then returning to the Mitchell Freeway reserve and continuing towards Clarkson (far North). The line then continues currently as a single track to the Nowergup Depot. When trains on the Joondalup Line arrive at Perth Station, they connect to the Mandurah Line. Future expansion plans provide for the extension of the line to Butler then Alkimos.
  • Midland Line, which goes east towards Midland. Transwa services diverge and continue to Kalgoorlie (the Prospector) and to Merredin (the Avonlink).
  • Mandurah Line, which goes in a southward direction, in the middle of the Kwinana Freeway reserve until the suburb of Kwinana, then curving south-west towards the suburb of Rockingham and then south to Mandurah. When trains on the Mandurah Line arrive at Perth Station, they connect to the Joondalup Line.


Bus Time Table

Buses run in conjunction with the trains and generally pickup and drop off from Train Stations to your destination.

There is a free Bus Service in Perth City called Perth CAT

A Map and time table can be found on the Transperth Website

CAT Timetable and route



Perth Taxis can be booked online and called by Phone

13 13 30 from within Australia