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Health Information

Emergency Contact Information

In an emergency, dial 000 free from any normal telephone The operator will ask if you require police, fire or paramedic.

Health Direct Australia: 1800 022 222 (within Australia)

Medical Helpline: (08) 9400 9999

Ambulance is not covered under medicare


Medicare is Australias free health system. It is advised to obtain a medicare card on arrival.

The Australian Government provides help with basic medical expenses through a scheme called Medicare. You may be eligible to join Medicare and gain immediate access to health care services and programs. These include free public hospital care, help with the cost of out-of-hospital care, and subsidised medicines.

To enrol in Medicare, you should go into a Medicare office 7 to 10 days after your arrival in Australia and bring your passport or travel documents. There are also many different private health insurance options you may wish to consider, as Medicare does not provide for all services.
Examples: Medicare does not cover dental care, most optical care or ambulance services. More information

Phone:    13 20 11 within Australia

Website: Medicare

Private Health Insurance

Many people choose to pay for private health insurance. Private health insurance funds may cover costs for your treatment as a private patient in private or public hospitals and can include some services that Medicare does not cover, such as dental care, most optical care and ambulance transport. If you wish to purchase private health insurance, it is important to compare different funds. The cost and type of cover can vary widely.

The government has a website which provides detailed information about private health insurance funds, and how the private health system works.


The Australian Government has put in place a number of incentives designed to get Australians covered by Private Health Insurance.

More information on health care within Western Australia can be found at the Department of Health Western Australia

Department of Health Western Australia


General Practitioners, Medical Centres and Specialists listed according to their locations or A-Z listing

Medical Practitioners


Western Australia has a large number of both private and public hospitals providing world class medical services networked around the state to provide easily accessible health care to communities. Princess Margaret is the childrens hospital of Perth, and St John of God is the largest private hospital in Australia.

List of Public Hospitals