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School and Education

The school system in Australia is different from Ireland. There is both public and Private schooling. Private is the most popular in Australia as it is a lot more affordable. The waiting list for private schools tend to be a lot longer than government funded schools so you need to get your child on the waiting list as soon as possible, some parents even do this from birth.

The Australian school year starts at the end of January and ends in the middle of December and is divided into 4 terms with the longest break being 7 weeks over the Christmas period.

Daycare is available for children under school age along with before and After School care for working parents. Most schools can give you information on day care facilities for school holidays and under age children.

Depending on your income and Citizenship you may also be eligible for Child Care Benefit (CCB) this is calculated on your joint income and the government pay a percentage of the day-care fees. If you are eligible for CCB there is also a rebate system in place where quarterly you will receive back 50% of the fees you have paid. 

Visit the Family Assistance Office for more on Child Care Rebate

Immunisations are required for any form of childcare including schooling and you also will not be entitled to Child Care Benifit. We recommend asking your doctor to print out all your child’s immunisation records

What year can your child start school?, visit the calculator below

School Age Calculator

From the age of 6 school is compulsory. Primary operates from years 1 through to 7 and high school, years 8 through to 12 however this is currently changing to start high school from year 7.

  • Kindergarten: Age 3-4
  • Pre-Primary: Age 5
  • Primary: Age 6-12
  • High School: Age 13-17

Please note this is currently in the process of changing slightly

Department of Education Website (Public System)

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Catholic Schools (Private)

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