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Picking an Area to Live

The biggest problem when migrating to a foreign country is knowing where to live. If you don't have friends or family this can be a challenging task

Which Suburb should i pick

Basically Perth is divided up into 2 separate areas. North of the River (Swan River) and South of the River. 

The best questions to ask are

Where are the best employment opportunities, what is the crime rate and are there schools, hospitals and drug problems in the area. Cost of living also comes into account for rental  prices and surrounding areas, for example do you want to live near the beach or the country.

For employment your best bet is to live approximately 30kms either side of Perth City. Perth City is the border of North and South, so 30km's of Perth North or South would be a good starting point. Freeways run North to South and so does the train line. Commuting to work is generally pretty easy if you are close to the train line which runs directly through the middle of the freeway running from far South to far North of Perth.

North or South

North at this time has more employment and easier to commute however house prices are cheaper South of the Swan River when you leave the City. South Perth City living is just as expensive as northern Perth Suburbs if not more in some areas.

South of the river has more holiday type destination such as Mandurah, Busselton and Freemantle. Freemantle is a Perth attraction where the ship docks are located and can be more industrial in some areas.

Northern Perth suburbs have good routes to the city and beaches.

As a starting point have a look at the map and decide how close you wish to be to the city and do a search on nearby areas.

Here is a great site that lists Postcodes and Google Maps of the Suburbs surrounding Perth

Perth Suburbs

If you still have questions post on the Blog or send us an email and we can see if we can offer any advice on an areas you are interested in

Retirement or the Quiet life in a country Area

Perth offers more variety than just suburban living- there are great spots around the Swan and Canning rivers and the Hills offer a less suburban-type lifestyle. You will need to look more East for living in the Country such as the Swan Valley and beyond there for country however there are towns closer to Perth but you may need to look at. Beach living is on the est Coast both North and South